BOULDER CREEK the beginning

This shop was the culmination of a dream. When the opportunity to rent a live/work space came to me, I seized the moment. I had never imagined living in a little mountain town, nor had I imagined the impact it would would have on my life. 


As pictured above, it was a huge blank space with uneven floors. I'm pretty sure there was not a square or level thing in the place. My first purchase in town was a hat from the local hardware store on the next block. I unpacked my personal belongings first. I sat for hours sifting through resources and drinking a bit of wine to figure out what I wanted the vibe to be in the shop. Then, I called in the troops to help. I'm sure they would say I could have done it without them, but seeing them in my shop window over the 2 years was more fun.


The Foundre became a place where an amazing assortment of characters graced my space on a daily basis. My house was filled with joyful music, art and creatives and I only had to unlock the front door. My neighbors and fellow shop owners became friends and collaborators. 


People always wondered what was "behind the black curtain" and I joked it was Oz. When you pulled it back, there was my home. Sandwiched between what used to be a brewery and the house was my garden. Many a warm night was spent hanging out with friends and dogs. Memories. They can really choke you up...