BOULDER CREEK the beginning

This shop was the culmination of a dream. When the opportunity to rent a live/work space came to me, I seized the moment. I had never imagined living in a little mountain town, nor had I imagined the impact it would would have on my life. 


As pictured above, it was a huge blank space with uneven floors. I'm pretty sure there was not a square or level thing in the place. My first purchase in town was a hat from the local hardware store on the next block. I unpacked my personal belongings first. I sat for hours sifting through resources and drinking a bit of wine to figure out what I wanted the vibe to be in the shop. Then, I called in the troops to help. I'm sure they would say I could have done it without them, but seeing them in my shop window over the 2 years was more fun.


The Foundre became a place where an amazing assortment of characters graced my space on a daily basis. My house was filled with joyful music, art and creatives and I only had to unlock the front door. My neighbors and fellow shop owners became friends and collaborators. 


People always wondered what was "behind the black curtain" and I joked it was Oz. When you pulled it back, there was my home. Sandwiched between what used to be a brewery and the house was my garden. Many a warm night was spent hanging out with friends and dogs. Memories. They can really choke you up...



if you're in the area on sunday, december 14 stop by the SALT CALIFORNIA pop up party.   lots of pretty things to buy from one of my favorite makers sarah borgeson.  spread the JOY this holiday and purchase from small makers and artists.  oh... and shop keepers.  xoxo


there is an infinite amount of talent in the world.  these are a few of the small makers you can find here at foundre.  working with other small businesses is an important part of our vision here.  a small maker can do custom work and special orders.  we get to know each other as people, not just vendors.  it's the coolest part of putting this shop together.  hope you love them too!


it's the color of summertime.   you can't help but be happy when you see it.  the fields are alive with flowers and the sun fills us with warmth.  the primary color mixes with infinite other combinations to give us orange and green and gold.  it adds the brightness to our days.  you can't help but smile.


may is my mother's month.  shirley has blonde hair and blue eyes.  she looks amazing in blue.  she is 78 now and still those eyes are amazing. my dad - who is my was my earliest creative inspiration - would buy her the most beautiful things to compliment them.  most shades of blue are not colors i gravitate toward, but over many years, i have come to love indigo.  it always feels like summertime to me.